Santa Barbara Tree Trimming, Care and Planting

For many in the Santa Barbara area The trees on your property may be the dominant features of your landscape, but they share the area with grasses, shrubs, and other plants, all of which access a common resource – the soil. The roots of your trees may go deeper for water and nutrients, and even extend well into your lawn, flower, and vegetable beds, but every treatment applied to the lawn can impact the vitality of the trees as well.

  • A certified arborist will be able to:
  • Determine the right objectives for the tree.
  • Prescribe fertilizer analysis and treatment.
  • Explain fertilizer application methods.
  • Calculate rates of application and timing.

Proper tree care involves much more than simply digging a hole, placing the tree, and waiting for results. Nutrient deficiencies can cause premature death, but diagnosing and correcting nutrient problems is a tricky business. It requires knowledge of the correct levels of essential elements within the tree’s tissue and the underlying causes of any discovered deficiency.

Tree Trimming on the central coast

Tree trimming is very important. If the trees on your property have branches that look cracked or split, for example, it’s a good time to get in touch with the Santa Barbara based tree trimming experts at Mark Crane Tree. Give the tree some attention before a limb falls.

Beneath the Surface – Soil Analysis for Trees

Tree growth above the ground is a direct effect of what’s going on beneath the surface, where root development and soil conditions can have an impact on the tree’s health and growth. The tree’s nutritional status and the physical and chemical soil conditions can be analyzed to ensure that the tree has the right level of fertilization (if necessary).

Giving Your Trees What they Need – Fertilizer Types

While the objective for most younger trees is rapid growth rate, an arborist can help you understand that this sometimes increases the tree’s susceptibility to insects and diseases associated with stimulated growth rates.

Most fertilizers are defined by their chemical composition, form and mode of treatment. Each of these is critical to designing an effective tree care program:

  •  Chemical composition involves the elements contained in the fertilizer and the relative proportions of each element.
  • Fertilizer treatment involves providing the right essential elements of the tree in a timely way so the tree gets what it needs when it can use it.
  • Fertilizer form is related to the delivery method – either in liquid or dry formulations.

Fertilizers may be applied by various methods, including broadcasting, sub-surface application, trunk injections and more. The rate of application is critical as well as determining the timing and application amounts. An arborist-designed tree plan will address the tree’s nutritional needs based on species, growth phases, overall health, and the soil’s ability to meet the annual demand for essential nutrients.

Trees provide immeasurable aesthetic and economic benefits. Investing in routine tree care and tree trimming will help you enjoy the benefits of the tree for a long time. Mark Crane’s Tree and Arborist Services will design a tree care plan to extend the lifespan of the trees on your property. Our team can also help you match the right trees to the location when planting new trees in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. Call (805) 685-2320 for a free estimate.