Santa Barbara Emergency Tree Services

Even in the Santa Barbara area, nature is unpredictable. Our expert team is ready to assist your with your Emergency Tree Services. Wind, heavy rains or drought conditions, excessive heat and more can weaken the trees on your property and make them vulnerable to branch failure and other hazards. When a tree loses a branch or falls entirely, it can cause significant damage to your home, surrounding trees, and other landscape features. Heavy limbs can also be dangerous to break down and remove safely without causing further damage to the property.

Proper pruning and maintenance is the best prevention, but even the best care can’t stop accidents from happening. Beyond the obvious tree emergencies – fallen branches or toppled trees – the following may also be considered a tree emergency:

  • Cracked or splitting limbs threatening to fall
  • Heaving or raised soil around the tree
  • Trees with decaying areas or weak and decayed roots
  • Leaning trees or excessively heavy branches

At Mark Crane’s Tree and Arborist Services, we not only provide Santa Barbara county and the central coast with high-quality maintenance for your trees, we also offer quick and efficient tree services in emergencies like these. Fallen limbs and trees can cause dangerous situations and liability exposure. In emergency situations like these, it is imperative to have the knowledge and skill as well as the right equipment to get the situation under control as quickly as possible and prevent further damage.

Is Tree Removal Always Necessary?

No, it is not. If fallen or broken branches have occurred, that may indicate the tree is merely unhealthy and needs pruning to get to a healthier state. In some cases, it is an early indicator of a dying tree and replacing it could be the better option. Rather than randomly cutting the tree down, a certified arborist can give you a true examination of the tree and discover to what extent the tree is damaged and devise a plan to save the tree.

In Case of Storms

Some things to look for in your trees to prevent property damage in storms are cracks and splits along the branches. Watching for problems early means you can prevent costly property damage with timely trimming, pruning, and even cabling and bracing tree trunks before they come crashing down in a wind and rain storm.

If your trees are very tall, you may use binoculars to examine along the branches from the ground, but you will never have a full view along the branch. This is where the right equipment comes into play.

The certified arborists at Mark Crane’s Tree and Arborist Services have access to lift equipment, technical rigging, and specialized tools that give them an advantage in emergency situations like fallen branches. Having access from above gives our arborists the access to trim branches by making smaller cuts – even in tight quarters – to ensure less damage is caused to the tree and the surrounding property, fences, and cars. Every situation is different, but our team really cares about the trees of Montecito, Santa Barbara, and Hope Ranch whenever possible. Call (805) 685-2320 for a free estimate.